Patricia Wade verstorben

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Patricia Wade verstorben

Gestern ist Dr. Patricia Wade, Ehrenvizepräsidentin der FIG, im Alter von 68 Jahren verstorben. Rund um die Fusion des Internationalen Sportakrobatik Verbandes (IFSA) mit dem Internationalen Turnverband (FIG) im Jahr 1999 und von 2000 – 2008 als Präsidentin des Technischen Komitees für Sportakrobatik in der FIG hat sie die Geschicke unserer Sportart wesentlich mitbestimmt. Die Sportakrobaten in aller Welt mögen ihr ein würdiges Andenken bewahren!

Lausanne (SUI), FIG Office, November 22, 2010: Patrica Wade (GBR), FIG Honorary Vice President and former President of the FIG Acrobatic Gymnastics Technical Committee, passed away today on November 22, 2010, after a long and trying illness. She was 68 years old.

The death of Patricia Wade has cast a staggering pall over the international gymnastics community, where a feeling of resignation reigns; the end has come after years of suffering, years which Patricia endured with dignity and courage. Emotion is enhanced by a profound sadness as she takes her leave from a sport on which she has left an indelible mark.

The career lived out by Dr. Patricia Wade was nothing short of outstanding, interspersed with successful projects and responsibilities at every level of the national and international sport hierarchy. She devoted her entire life to sport, to fostering youth, to promoting education and to cultivating appropriate athlete training.

Patricia Wade was attracted to sport early in life; she thrived on physical effort and team spirit. Swimming and field hockey were her initial endeavours before Artistic and then Acrobatic Gymnastics finally won her heart. A national and international judge, and member of the technical authorities of the British Federation, she would go on to join the ranks of the International Federation of Sports Acrobatics (IFSA). During the IFSA-FIG merger in 1999, Patricia Wade was President of the discipline’s Technical Committee, a mandate she would hold for two full Olympic cycles, from 2000 – 2008.

With a failing health, Patricia withdrew from the Helsinki (FIN) Congress in 2008. The 350 participating delegates paid poignant tribute to a truly great woman as they rose to express their gratitude, hoping that their thoughts would in some way ease her pain. The newly named FIG Honorary President was honoured by the international sporting community when Sportaccord conferred on her the Prize for Excellence, an honour bestowed before the authorities of the many international sport federations convened in Athens (GRE).

Long will her memory endure. Endearing, competent, dynamic, upfront, Patricia was an enlightened soul. Her intelligence characterised her work, her sense of humour deflected criticism. The FIG and its President, its authorities and gymnasts are forever indebted to Patricia Wade for the heritage she has passed on, and will keep her story alive for generations to come.

To her family, loved-ones and friends, the FIG humbly offers its most sincere condolences.


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  1. Fan sagt:

    Oh nein das tut mir wirklich leid, das ist zu früh! Sie war eine tolle Persönlichkeit, ich denke Sie hat sehr viel Gutes für unseren Sport getan! R.I.P liebe Patricia!

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